Trinity Online Learning Center - F.A.Q.s

Q.  How do I create an account for the TOLC?

  1. Go to and on the right-side where it says “Is this your first time here?” click “Create a New Account” or watch the following flash presentation:

Q.  What happened to my confirmation email?

  1. Try looking to see if your email has a SPAM filter in which case it might have been considered SPAM otherwise contact

Q.  I forgot my username and/or password for the TOLC.

  1. Go to and click “Lost Password?” below the login box. Or click the following link for more information:

Q.  What are enrollment keys?

  1. Your enrollment key or passkey is a one time password to make sure you are in the correct course on the TOLC.

Q.  Where are my enrollment keys?

  1. Your enrollment keys should have come to you via email (refer to confirmation email question above). If you have not yet received them please use the following form.

Q.  My courses are not showing up on my MyTOLC page.

  1. The courses that you are enrolled in will not show up on your MyTOLC page ( until you have gone through the enrollment key process. The first step begins with the email(s) you received from Trinity that contain a direct link to the course and corresponding enrollment key (if you have not received your enrollment key(s), see previous question). Follow the instructions in the email(s) to complete this process. After you have followed all the necessary steps for each of your enrolled courses those courses will then become visible on your MyTOLC page.

Q.  How do I post to a fourm?

  1. By clicking “Add New Topic” or “Reply” while in a forum or you can follow this guide:

Q.  How do I download my audio lectures?

  1. Once you have enrolled yourself in your course on the TOLC you will see your audio lectures e.g. “Audio Lecture 1a” Now click on the audio lecture and click the “Pause” button. Then right-click where it says “Direct link to this file” and choose “Save Target as...” You can now choose where you wish to save the MP3 file at on your pc.

Q.  What do I do when I am ready to upload my lesson?

  1. Most courses have a link that says “Online Lesson Submissions” if not then please follow this guide:

Q.  How do I gain access to my student records?

  1. Go to You will need to set up a password before you can gain access to your student records. This process can take up to 72 hours to update in our systems.

Q.  Why can't I access the databases in the Harold F. Hunter Theological Library yet?

  1. For new students this process can take up to 48 hours to update in our systems.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Trinity Technical Support
at: 1-800-473-0307 8AM-8PM (CST) or use the Tech Support form.