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Mission Outcomes Assessment
Included in some program listings, a no-credit Mission Outcomes Assessment (formerly called Core Competency Assessment) is required. See program listings in the Trinity Catalog.

Based upon Trinity’s four institutional Mission Goals and Objectives, the Mission Outcomes Assessment (MOA) is best described as the culminating experience of the Trinity degree program. It is an open book assessment consisting of four questions, one for each Mission Goal and Objective as listed in the Trinity Catalog and Student Handbook . The purpose of the assessment is to measure whether or not these goals and objectives have been met in the learner's work at Trinity. All learners must successfully complete the MOA prior to receiving their degree.

Students may request the Mission Outcomes Assessment (MOA) when they have met the following requirements as confirmed by the Registrar’s Office:

  • All other academic requirements must be met and final grades posted with the exception of a dissertation or capstone research project.
  • Doctoral students must request the MOA prior to submitting a dissertation/capstone research project proposal.
  • The minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) for the degree level must be met.

Students have thirty days from the time the Mission Outcomes Assessment is sent from Trinity to complete and ensure the timely return of the Mission Outcomes Assessment. If there is a delay, it is the responsibility of the student to contact Trinity via email at to request an extension beyond thirty days. A grade of “Fail” will be issued if the Mission Outcomes Assessment or appropriate correspondence is not received within thirty days. Appeals may be directed to the Academic Committee. The Mission Outcomes Assessment must be completed before the degree can be awarded.

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